Advanced Olive Oil course


Advanced Olive Oil course

Advanced Olive Oil course in London for those who have attended our  Introduction to Olive Oil tasting course.

Duration 6 hours, starting at 11 am until 6 pm with a break.


What Extra Virgin Olive Oil is – E.V.O.O.

What impacts the quality of an EVOO: climate, soil, plagues, harvest, production.

Oil classification.

How to assess oil quality by tasting.

Describing an EVOO: positive and negative attributes.

Styles of olive oils.

What to look at when buying a bottle of Extra Virgin Olive Oil.

How to preserve an oil’s quality: at home or business.

Role of the professional olive oil taster.

International institutions.

International competitions.

Olive oil and health, Mediterranean diet.

EVOO tasting and food pairing.

We will taste more than 10 oils and learn how to describe and pair them.

In our courses, we taste the oils in the official blue tasting cups as professionals do in a panel test.

Price  £140 p.p.

If the Introductory course is taken with us price goes down to £60 ( £80 +£60 =£140). Please contact us for payment.

Minimum 4 attendants

Location:  Forest Hill, South London area

Please let us know in advance if you have any diet restriction: vegan, celiac, nut-allergic etc

Saturday 24/10, 21/11, 19/12

Every Monday if minimum 4 people

See you soon, hasta pronto!