Blog London Olive Oil Competition

Blog London Olive Oil Competition

The London Olive Oil Competition is the only one of its kind to take place in the UK. The awards ceremony for this year’s edition took place last May 13th. We at The Spanish Olive Oil School had the opportunity to attend the different presentations, as well as the award ceremony and the oil tastings.

The event was made  even more engaging thanks to the presence of important world re-known names from the olive oil industry, such as Dan Flynn from California and Simon Pole from the UK.

The London Olive Oil Competition grants awards not only for quality, but also health benefits and packaging.

In this year’s edition, the tasting jury convened for a weekend in April, with members hailing from 10 different countries: Spain, Italy, Greece, United Kingdom, Germany, Turkey, Tunisia, Israel, Australia and Portugal.

381 samples were presented, originating from countries such as Spain, Greece, Italy, Chile Tunisia, Turkey and even Japan this year.

The selection process is done through a blind tasting where the country of origin, variety or brand is unknown. Through a careful procedure, the jury assigns a number value to the various characteristics of the oils. As a result, and depending on the points scored, the winning oils are classed as:

Platinum:from 95.5 up to 100

Gold: from 85.5 up to 95.5

Silver:from 75.5 up to 85

Bronze:from 65 up to 75

In the award for the category of best health benefits, this is achieved by granting 70% to the phenolic content and 30% to the sensory component. It is important to consider that some olive varieties are genetically higher in phenolic content and this can also be modulated by factors extrinsic to the variety.

With regards to the packaging category, we feasted our eyes with some of the winning oils. This is an important aspect to bear in mind as many bottles of E.V.O.O. are given as gifts.

All in all, a truly unique event in London and one that every E.V.O.O. lover should attend.

We are looking forward to next year’s edition and we very much hope that you will join us!

In the meantime, if you are interested in the fascinating world of E.V.O.O., do not miss our tasting events and courses, which we will be running in the next few months.