Our first Introductory course to Olive Oil Tasting

Our first Introductory course to Olive Oil Tasting


We’re delighted to announce we’ve delivered our first courses to students!

Gathered on Friday 9th February we started with an Introductory course to olive oil followed by a tasting session to appreciate and start differentiating the main varieties from Spain: arbequina, picual, hojiblanca, cornicabra and a coupage (blend) so that students could initiate and develop sensory skills in the unique & interesting world of extra virgin olive oil.

There were some surprised faces to say the least when our students smelled the deep aromas from each extra virgin olive oil compared with oils sold in the supermarket ones which have a fairly neutral taste.

Producers from north and south of Spain with their different production techniques, soils and olive varieties provide unique and distinctive results. Some of the oils made us cough as they’re very pungent and some took us by surprise with their aromas of fresh herbs, banana, tomatoes and nuts. We had green and ripe olive oils to choose from and the students started appreciating the difference in aroma and taste between them.  We used the ‘compare and contrast’ technique with salt, sugar and a surprising ingredient to match each EVOO.

As a UK based school and in a non-producer country where knowledge about the olive oils is low , we put emphasis on the quality of the oils which are imported and distributed here and the importance to fraud given by UK government following EU regulations.

In the UK, the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (DEFRA) published a letter concerning a query made by a consumer regarding the quality of extra virgin olive oil distributed in the UK.

We want to thank our students for their interest and contributions in the class and hope to meet more students next month and continue with our mission to educate the UK public about the quality and benefits of extra virgin olive oil.

If you are interested in attending one of our courses or tasting have a look to the next dates and book online.