About us

The school has been founded with the aim of improving the general awareness of extra virgin olive oil in the UK.

The consumption of Olive Oil has increased significantly over the  past few years  as the Mediterranean Diet has become more popular due to its health benefits.

More people  have become interested in learning about this key ingredient which is originally from the Mediterranean area and sourced for many different countries in the world.

The Spanish Olive Oil School is an educational space that provides teaching and tasting sessions  to learn more about:

  • How the oil is produced
  • How to assess its quality by tasting
  • Good and bad attributes of an oil
  • The various uses in the kitchen
  • Different varieties of olives to produce oil

For consumers there is so much information and misinformation floating around and it’s often difficult to know where to start. Terms such as “cold press”,  “first press” or “fraud” are thrown around daily  without knowing their exact meaning.

The idea of the Spanish Olive Oil School is to complement and to correct some of the misinformation and misconceptions around this subject.

Our courses and workshops are designed for:

  • Importers who want to  provide the best olive oils for the UK market.
  • Deli shops who want to become advisers and stock the right product for their customers.
  • Chefs and kitchen staff who want to learn and explore the many uses of the olive oil for cooking
  • Foodies who enjoy using this as a finishing or cooking oil.
  • Consumers  who want to improve their well-being because of the olive oil benefits.

We welcome all interested parties .

Many thanks and see you soon!


Elena studied Business Administration between Barcelona & London and settled in South West London in 2010.
She is very aware of the Mediterranean diet & healthy life style as her father was a doctor encouraging their family and patients healthy eating habits & an active life.
She met Mar while playing racket sports and shared with her the passion for Extra Virgin Olive Oil.
She’s recently joined the business and is focusing on expanding the retail activities and events organisation.



Mar is from Malaga in Spain where she obtained her degree in Business Administration and went on to work for more than 20 years in the banking and finance sector. She lives with her family in London. In 2014 she discovered the health benefits of extra virgin olive oil and since then she has attended several courses in Spain with some of the best experts in olive oil. She completed her studies at University of Jaen (Spain) in 2016 and became a Certified Expert in EVOO tasting. These qualifications are the only ones recognised by the International Olive Oil Council.
She is a great communicator and completely fascinated by extra virgin olive oil.
She would like to share her passion and knowledge with you!